I sometimes feel like salads need a new PR campaign and a rebrand for a large proportion of the population.

For most men my age, the concept of a salad is mentally imprinted as iceberg, tomato and cucumber. It’s like the diet concept of the 80s or something from a Garfield sketch where it represented his often quoted…

“Diet is ‘die’ with a ‘t’.”

Garfield (Jim Davidsom)

We eat a lot of salad at home and I love it as an accompaniment to most meals. It’s a very loose and dynamic formula that can encompass a lot of different things you have around.

I’m not even really sure how I would define it.

Really it’s just an assortment of ingredients composed together to form a singular dish. Whilst it’s more commonly known as a being fresh and predominantly raw combination of elements, by no means is it restricted to these parameters.

The following recipes are the salads that feature as part of our repertoire at home.