Hi, I’m James.

In 2020 I (sort of) retired from my career as a chef. 

I had tried to transition and evolve my role in different scenarios, but each time had found myself channeled back into the same mechanical routines. I felt stagnant and stuck.

It was time for a change. 

I cook constantly at home and always have. I believe being a cook and being a chef are two different things. Sure they cross over but when it simply comes to the food on the plate, I’ve met plenty of chefs who aren’t good cooks and I’ve met great cooks who produce better food than a lot of chefs.

I started out simply as a cook then I became a chef and now I’m just a cook again. I’ve picked up some skills being a professional but the domestic kitchen is where I shine and really, where I like to be.

I like to adapt to what I have around. A forager of sorts but from the dusty corners of cupboards and the backs of fridges. The rogue ingredients write their own recipes and menus if you have a bit of imagination and a few skills.

This is what the “Cupboard Challenge” is all about.

I’ve found this philosophy has spilled into other areas of my life. I try not to live in fear of the unknown and to try new things. It means I’m tackling new skills as I try to decide the direction of my future.

As I put the commercial kitchens behind me, I’m not sure how this journey will turn out. This blog is just me expressing my thoughts and experience along the way.

I’m afraid of becoming lost on the way, but in many ways I already am. I suppose the journey is simply the path I’m walking. I just need to keep moving and believe I will end up where I want to be.