Like many writers I can go off on one ( as though people are interested); yet sometimes you go online just to find a decent recipe.

Scrolling through pages of quirky anecdotes, a very photogenic cat and a beautifully framed image of a wooden spoon, smothered with cookie dough, isn’t always on the agenda.

So with that in mind, for all of you that are time poor, with hearts of stone and a cold cynicism, here in this section are just the recipes.

Most of them are an amalgamation of research from various sources over time, with some experimentation and then some personalisation. If I can ever directly attribute the source I will do so, however it is rare that this is the case.

If you want the possibly interesting, moving and amusing story behind each one, just follow the links on the page.

However be prepared that it is highly likely you might find the story to be tenuous, indulgent, boring and tedious.

You were warned.